Instructions/ Guidelines for students - End Semester Assessment & Evaluation- May 2020

Following are the Guidelines to Students for Participation in Online Assessment:

    Before the Examination:

  1. All students (Regular & Arrear) should contact their respective department/ HoD
  2. Exam registration is mandatory for End Semester Assessment & Evaluation.
  3. No Dues Certificate is necessary from Finance department.
  4. Students who could not attend online classes/or had difficulty through online teaching/learning and not able to register for examination will intimate to their respective HoD's. Such students will be assessed and evaluated OFFLINE, at university campus, after normal functioning is restored.
  5. Students will be debarred from their respective regular subjects, if their internal assessment is less than 50%. Contact your respective HoD/Faculties/Student portal to check your internal marks.
  6. Every student will use A4 size sheet or any similar paper with same size but paper should be neat & clean.
  7. Student must check charging/ internet access status of their Desktop/laptop/android/i-phone prior to commence of examination.
  8. Students will get their Assignment/ question paper from their subject teachers/ Co-ordinators at a pre-specified time and online platform.
  9. It is advisable to all students appearing in End semester examination, download and learn to operate any "Cam scanner software" for uploading the hand written answer scripts with minimum size, time and good picture quality by selecting "Batch Mode".
  10. During the Examination:

  11. Other than the Page No., Students must ensure not to write their Enrolment No., Roll No., Name Or any other Identification Mark On their Answer Scripts. Finding any such mark on the Answer Script will not be considered for Evaluation.
  12. Students have to use only blue, black pen preferably bold, so that scans/photographs (PDF), can be visualized clearly during the evaluation.
  13. Student will have to scan the response/ answer sheet, convert into single PDF, tag it correctly and upload.
  14. Duration of Exam will be Two Hours and 10 minutes grace time to upload the answer script.
  15. Students must complete the exam and upload it on the prescribed area in the website in stipulated time of period, if any student fails to upload or sent their answer-sheet in stipulated time of period, it will not be considered for evaluation.
    • Any such case/ student will be assessed and evaluated OFFLINE, at university campus, after normal functioning is restored
  16. If student has any issue, of accessing the question paper, uploading of answer sheet, immediately you can inform your respective subject teacher or office of the CoE.
  17. Only hand-written answer will be evaluated, if evaluator found any scanned pre-typed materials, such answer sheet will be not considered for the evaluation.
  18. Plagiarism will lead to cancellation of assessment & evaluation.

Examination Department